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          Industry information

          Rational use of whitening cosmetics

          2020-08-18 16:35:42 Joes 12

          Freckle whitening cosmetics are mainly used to reduce skin pigmentation or help skin whitening cosmetics. For a long time, freckle whitening cosmetics are widely welcomed by Asian consumers, and the issue of such cosmetics is also a common concern of consumers.

          1. What are the benefits of freckle whitening cosmetics for skin?

          Freckle whitening cosmetics can improve skin defects such as dark, uneven skin color and spots. Appropriate use of freckle whitening cosmetics helps to reduce the color spots. But "face" project is a systematic project. It is not enough to rely on freckle whitening cosmetics alone. It is also necessary to do a good job in daily sunscreen, moisturizing and so on, so that the skin is in a healthy state.

          Some skin problems, such as chloasma, freckles and pregnancy spots, are related to hormone levels and genetic factors. They are caused by internal factors of the human body, and cannot be solved only by external use of cosmetics.

          2. What is the action mechanism of freckle whitening cosmetics?

          There are many kinds of freckle whitening cosmetics on the market. According to the action mechanism of the products, they can be generally divided into two types: chemical whitening cosmetics and only physical whitening cosmetics.

          Chemical whitening cosmetics, refers to by inhibiting the production of melanin, blocking the transport of melanin, to achieve the effect of whitening skin.

          Only physical covering cosmetics refer to the use of physical masking agents, such as titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, talcum powder, etc., or similar white powder, which are applied to cover the skin surface to cover the spots on the skin, so as to achieve the whitening effect, but it can not change the original appearance of the skin.

          3. What are the commonly used freckle whitening active ingredients?

          According to the chemical structure and source, the commonly used active ingredients for freckle removal and whitening are as follows:

          Vitamin C and its derivatives: such as ascorbic acid glucoside, ascorbic acid tetraisopalmitate, 3-o-ethyl ascorbic acid, magnesium ascorbate phosphate, sodium ascorbate, etc.

          A class of substances with the basic structure of resorcinol: phenylethyl resorcinol, 4-butyl resorcinol, etc.

          Organic acids: kojic acid, clotting acid, etc.

          Plant extracts: plant extracts with whitening effect, such as Glycyrrhiza glabra root extract, Broussonetia kazinoki root extract, chamomilla recuita flower extract, etc.

          Others: myxol, arbutin, nicotinamide, potassium methoxysalicylate, etc.

          4. What should be paid attention to when using freckle whitening cosmetics?

          Some freckle whitening cosmetics contain certain ingredients to promote exfoliation, which can speed up the shedding of keratinocytes and make the skin look more tender and glossy; exfoliation also helps to penetrate whitening ingredients and remove melanin, thus improving the whitening effect. However, it should be noted that the metabolism of cuticle has its fixed cycle. Excessive use of freckle whitening cosmetics will make the cuticle thinner and thinner, and the skin's tolerance will be weakened; at the same time, due to the reduced skin barrier function, the skin will be more directly exposed to ultraviolet light, pollutants and other external environment, which will lead to other skin problems. Therefore, the use of freckle whitening cosmetics to moderate, control the dosage and frequency.

          Consumers should use the products according to the recommended use mode, dosage and frequency of freckle whitening cosmetics. If consumers use different brands of skin care cosmetics at the same time, they should also pay attention to the superposition effect between products.

          5. What should be paid attention to when choosing freckle whitening cosmetics?

          In June this year, the State Council issued the "Regulations on the supervision and administration of cosmetics", which stipulates that freckle whitening cosmetics are managed as special cosmetics. Freckle whitening cosmetics must be registered by the State Food and drug administration before they can be listed. The format of approval number for such products: domestic products are "Guozhuang tejin Zi g2020 XXX", and imported products are "Guozhuang tejin Zi j2020xxx". The State Food and Drug Administration released the "cosmetics supervision" app in 2019. When purchasing cosmetics, consumers can query and check whether the registration information of the product is consistent with the information of the product logo. If not, the product source and quality are in doubt. This reminds consumers that when purchasing freckle whitening cosmetics, they should choose regular sales channels and check whether the products are marked with the standard approval number; for cosmetics that claim quick whitening or instant freckle whitening effect after use, they are suspected of illegally adding hormone, heavy metal and other prohibited substances.

          In addition, different freckle whitening cosmetics are often designed and developed for different skin problems and applicable groups. Therefore, in the selection of freckle whitening cosmetics, but also according to the efficacy of the product claims, suitable for the population, etc., choose the products suitable for their own skin characteristics.